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Code Description
AP10001 Twin Check Label Silver 4 Digit Green 2000PRS
AP10900 Label “1 Hour Service” 500/Roll Image
AP10905 Label “Develop Only” 500/Roll Image
AP10910 Label “Rush” 500/Roll
AP10915 Label “Sensational” 500/Roll Image
AP10918 Label “Matte” 500/Roll Image
AP10919 Label “White Borders” 500/Roll Image
AP10930 LAbel “A Photo Tip” 500/Roll Image
AP10935 Label “Special Attention” 500/Roll Image
AP10940 Label “Enlargements” 500/Roll
AP10950 Label “Index Print” 500/Roll Image
AP10955 Label “Digital” 500/Roll Image
AP10965 Thermal Registar Roll 80X80MM Pack Of 4 Image
AP10966 Apex Labels For Zebra Printer Packet Of 4 Image
AP10961 Thermal label Roll, Pack of two

List price only shown. Prices subject to change without notice.