Epson Stylus Pro4450 17" 4 Colour

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Code Description
PRO4450 Micro Piezo Printhead Technology, 1440x720dpi, Ultrachrome Ink , 1 Year Onsite Warranty in Capital Cities
C12C811171 2/3 Inch Dual Roll Feed Spindleq
C12C811191 2/3 Inch Dual Roll Feed Spindle High Tension
C12C815291 Auto Cutter Spare Blade
C12C890121 Roll Paper Belt
C12C890191 Maintenance Tank
C12C811201 Borderless Print Spacer for 420mm and 8" Roll Paper
7100321 Printer Cabinet
1YWPRO4450 1 Year Extended Warranty
2YWPRO4450 2 Year Extended Warranty
3100026 Epson PageProofer

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