IPF Series 5000 and 6000, and 6000S

IPF5000 / 5100 / 6000S / 6100 / 6200 Ink Cartridges

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Code Description
PFI-101B 130ml Blue ink tank iPF5000/5100/6100/6200
PFI-101BK 130ml Black ink tank iPF5000/6000S
PFI-101C 130ml Cyan ink tank iPF5000/5100/6000S/6100/6200
PFI-101G 130ml Green ink tank iPF5000/5100/6100/6200
PFI-101GY 130ml Grey ink tank iPF5000/6000S
PFI-101M 130ml Magenta ink tank iPF5000/5100/6000S/6100/6200
PFI-101MBK 130ml Matt Black ink tank iPF5000/6000S
PFI-101PC 130ml Photo Cyan ink tank iPF5000/5100/6000S/6100/6200
PFI-101PGY 130ml Photo Grey ink tank iPF5000
PFI-101PM 130ml Photo Magenta ink tank iPF5000/5100/6000S/6100 /6200
PFI-101R 130ml Red ink tank iPF5100/6100 /6200
PFI-101Y 130ml Yellow ink tank iPF5000/5100/6000S/6100/6200
PFI-103BK 130ml Black ink tank iPF5100/6100/6200
PFI-103GY 130ml Grey ink tank iPF5100/6100/6200
PFI-103MBK 130ml Matt Black ink tank iPF5100/6100/6200
PFI-103PGY 130ml Photo Grey ink tank iPF5100/6100/6200

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