W8400 / 8200 / 7250 & 7200 Inks

Note: There are Dye & Pigment inks, which cannot be mixed. Choose carefully

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Code Description
BCI-1411BK 330ml W7200,W8200 black ink tank dye
BCI-1411C 330ml W7200,W8200 cyan ink tank dye
BCI-1411M 330ml W7200,W8200 magenta ink tank dye
BCI-1411PC 330ml W7200,W8200 photo cyan ink tank dye
BCI-1411PM 330ml W7200,W8200 photo magenta ink tank dye
BCI-1411Y 330ml W7200,W8200 yellow ink tank dye
BCI-1421BK 330ml W8200,W8400 black ink tank pigment
BCI-1421C 330ml W8200,W8400 cyan ink tank pigment
BCI-1421M 330ml W8200,W8400 magenta ink tank pigment
BCI-1421PC 330ml W8200,W8400 photo cyan ink tank pigment
BCI-1421PM 330ml W8200,W8400 photo magenta ink tank pigment
BCI-1421Y 330ml W8200 yellow ink tank pigment
BCI-1441MBK 330ml W8400 matt black ink tank pigment
BCI-1441Y 330ml W8400 yellow ink tank pigment

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