Photostory Consumables

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Code Description
UB00640 Easysheet White 300 gr 6"x8" Pack of 100
UB00641 Easysheet White 300 gr 8"x8" Pack of 100
UB00554 Easysheet White 300 gr 8"x12" Pack of 100
UB00555 Easysheet White 300 gr 9"x12" Pack of 100
UB00556 Easysheet White 300 gr 12"x12" Pack of 100
UB00599 Easysheet White 300 gr 16"x12" Pack of 100
UB00642 Easysheet White 300 gr 12"x16" Pack of 100
UB00652 Easysheet Light, 30.2x20.2
UB00643 Face Off Sheet, Black 6"x8" Pack of 10
UB00644 Face Off Sheet, Black 8"x8" Pack of 10
UB00557 Face Off Sheet, Black 12"x8" Pack of 10
UB00558 Face Off Sheet, Black 9"x12" Pack of 10
UB00559 Face Off Sheet, Black 12"x12" Pack of 10
UB00600 Face Off Sheet, Black 16"x12" Pack of 10
UB00645 Face Off Sheet, Black 12"x16" Pack of 10
UB00646 Poly Sheet 6"x8" Pack of 25
UB00647 Poly Sheet 8"x8" Pack of 25
UB00560 Poly Sheet 12"x8" Pack of 25
UB00561 Poly Sheet 9"x12" Pack of 25
UB00562 Poly Sheet 12"x12" Pack of 25
UB00648 Poly Sheet 12"x16" Pack of 25
UB00653 Poly Sheet Natural 40.5x30.4 Pack 25 Sheets
UB00649 Glossy Sheet White, 6"x8" Pack of 25
UB00650 Glossy Sheet 8"x8" Pack of 25
UB00583 Glossy Sheet White, 12"x8" Pack of 25
UB00584 Glossy Sheet White, 9"x12" Pack of 25
UB00585 Glossy Sheet White, 12"x12" Pack of 25
UB00651 Glossy Sheet 12"x16" Pack of 25
UB00564 Headband Red and White roll of 50 Metres
UB00565 Double Sided Tape, 10mm Roll of 50 Metres
UB00566 Double Sided Tape, 25mm Roll of 50 Metres
UB00586 Linenized Adhesive Gauze Black, for Spine, Roll of 50 Metres
UB00587 Adhesive Spreader

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