Climate Notebook

Is IPI's Windows-based environmental analysis software that lets you organize, track, visualize, analyze, and report on environmental data gathered from a variety of loggers. Climate Notebook was designed by preservation professionals specifically for use in archives, libraries, and museums. The software runs on Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista and 7.
Climate Notebook is not designed to run as a distributed application over a network; it must be installed on the computer you are using. Designed to work with the Preservation Environment Monitor® (PEM®), Climate Notebook can also import data from a variety of sources including ACR®, Spectrum®, Hobo®, Trak-R®, and Rotronic® devices and MS Excel files. Data also may be entered manually. Object-specific analysis explains and documents how different materials are affected by environmental conditions and recommends improvements.

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IPICN Climate Notebook

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