KODAK HIGH RESOLUTION Duplicating Film SO-192 (Estar Base)

KODAK HIGH RESOLUTION Duplicating Film SO-192 is a blue-sensitive, hardened emulsion is extremely fine-grain, and of extremely high resolving power on a 4-mil (0.10mm) ESTAR base. The film is designed for duplicating very fine grain, high definition aerial negatives. They are intended for use as a second-generation positive and a third generation negative. Base: 4-mil

*   Available Indent Order

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Code Description
*1608991 AERO HR DUPG SO-192 12.7CMX152.4M SP939, Case Qty 4, Min/Mult 10/10 Image
*1642040 AERO HR DUPG SO-192 24.1CMX304.8M SP935, Case Qty 1, Min/Mult 5/5
*1271709 AERO HR DUPG SO-192 24.1CMX152.4M SP957, Case Qty 1, Min/Mult 27/27

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