KODAK AEROCOLOR IV Negative Film 2460 (Estar Base)

KODAK AEROCOLOR IV Negative Film 2460 is a medium-speed, very fine-grain color negative aerial film. This film has a wide exposure latitude and is specifically designed for processing to a color negative only. Since this film does not have integral color masking, direct interpretation can be made from the negative. Objects are recorded in colors complementary to their natural colors. This film is also compatible with Process C-41. It can be processed in existing C-41 processors using either KODAK FLEXICOLOR Developer or KODAK Developer Replenisher, Process AN-6. Aerial film speed (ISO A Equivalent): 125. Base 3.9-mil. 

*   Available Indent Order

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Code Description
*8006330 AEROCOLOR IV NEG 2460 12.7CMX30.5M Spec 991, Case Qty 12, Min/Mult 10/10 Image
8292088 AEROCOLOR IV NEG 2460 24.1CMX250ft Spec 981
*1719137 AEROCOLOR IV NEG 2460 24.1CMX440ft Spec 957

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