KODAK AEROCOLOR III Negative Film 2444 (Estar Base)

KODAK AEROCOLOR III Negative Film 2444 is a medium speed, very fine grain, color negative film for medium-to-high altitude aerial survey and reconnaissance. The KODAK AEROCOLOR III Negative Film 2444 has dyed gel backing. Its improved scratch resistance and static protection properties enable cleaner scans and reproductions. Its hardened emulsion permits high-temperature processing in roller-transport processors. With unparalleled processing flexibility, it can be processed in both Processes, AN-6 and C-41. Aerial film speed (ISO A Equivalent): 125. Base 3.9-mil.

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Code Description
1122787 AEROCOLOR III NEG 2444 12.7CMX30.5M Spec 991
1342344 AEROCOLOR III NEG 2444 24.1CMX250ft Spec 981

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